Tips to Keep Your Electricity Bills to a Minimum

Most of us rely on electricity to get through the day, whether its to take a hot shower in the morning, to boil the kettle for that first cup of coffee or to run the air conditioner at work so you don’t sweat throughout the day. You might be shocked to find that little changes can make a big difference to your electricity bill. Our electricians have come up with a few suggestions to keep your electricity bills to a minimum.

Utilise off peak

Your off-peak times vary according to location and your metre. Call your energy provider to find out when your off-peak kicks in and try doing the laundry or running the dishwasher at these times.

Shop around for energy contracts

You might find a cheaper alternative but give your current provider the chance to offer you a discounted rate. Always ask about fixed contracts, as this generally brings the cost of your electricity down.

Install dimmer switches

Ask a professional electrician to install dimmer switches. This will not only save on energy costs, but also allows you to create some beautiful mood lighting throughout your home.

Yup mum was right! Keeping the fridge door closed will save energy and so will keeping the fridge full. The food acts as insulation, so it takes longer for the temperature to drop when you open it, thus saving on energy.

Switch to fans

Install some quality fans around your home so you don’t have to always have your air conditioner on. Fans also help circulate the cool air produced by air conditioning, so they complement each other.

Step away from the dryer

By drying your clothes on the line or on a clothes horse you will save money on energy and decrease your carbon footprint, while reducing the risk of shrinking your clothes. Not using the dryer is a win/win!

Stop paying for nothing

Shocking amounts of electricity are used on televisions, computers and a variety of other electronic devices that have timers and settings, even when they are switched off. Get in the habit of turning them off at the wall. Not only will you save money, but also reduce fire hazards.

Need some advice on how to save on your electricity bill? Contact the electricians at Tedford Air & Electrical. We’ll come to your Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern NSW home and repair any electrical faults that might be sucking additional energy and discuss the best way to reduce your electrical bill.

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