Reasons to Switch to LED Lights from Incandescent Lights

In the last decade, LED lights have become increasingly popular with Australians and electrician alike. In short, switching from regular incandescent lights to led lights saves money and the environment, while yielding better light quality. So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why switching to LED lights is a bright idea.

Cost saving

LED lights reduce energy consumption and can lead to big savings on your electricity bills. LEDs are the most energy efficient of all lighting technologies and are generally 85 per cent more efficient than incandescent lights. While they may cost more initially, they will save you more in the long run.

Long life

LEDs are super durable and have the longest lifespan of all lighting technologies on the market. Compared to regular incandescent lights, they last on average 10 times longer.

Superior light quality

LEDs provide instant brightness at the flick of the switch and better yet, they hold these initial light output (lumens) for far longer than incandescent lights. They also produce a far sharper and more vibrant light, giving you better overall visibility.

Safe to use

Incandescent bulbs get hot fast, so when it comes to changing the bulb it’s easy to burn your fingers. LEDs, on the other hand, release 20% of this heat energy, making them operate at lower temperatures and far easier to change.

Environmentally friendly

Apart from the fact they require less energy to run and therefore reduce carbon emissions, LED lighting also contain fewer dangerous chemicals and UV ray emissions. This means that LED globes are completely recyclable, as opposed to incandescent lights which are not.

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