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One of the quickest and easiest ways to save money on your power bill at home is by switching your hot water system and pool pump to an off peak tariff. This benefits both the environment and your budget.

In Queensland, the off peak – Tariff 33 – electricity charge is only about half of your regular electricity charge.

Clayton can now install a power point connected to Tariff 33 specifically for pool filtration and sanitation systems.

The change will enable you to help address the issue of peak demand while reducing your pool related electricity costs.

Safety switches are your insurance against electric shock. They are designed to prevent injury or death.

They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of current flowing to earth, through a person and electrocuting them.

Installing a safety switch is an inexpensive safety measure that protects everyone.  Clayton can advise you on the best safety switch and help you to install it.

The letters in L.E.D stand for Light Emitting Diode. These diodes are a semiconductor light source that will conduct electricity in only one direction. LED lights are composed of layers of silicon and seeded with atoms of rare-earth elements such as phosphorus, germanium and arsenic. The different layers of the diode is called the die and light is generated between the junction of the materials used. Advancement in LED technology means that they can now be used in modern lighting applications where incandescent light bulbs where traditionally used.

LED lights have a life expectancy of greater than 50,00 hours which equates to about 15 to 20 years of use.

  • They have a high light output
  • Low power consumption due to much higher lumen output per watt
  • They have an extensive lifespan greater than 50,000 hours
  • They are extremely resistant to vibration
  • They contain no harmful products
  • Much Lower heat generation than halogen, incandescent and discharge lamps
  • Low maintenance and lamp replacement

A power surge is an increase in voltage significantly above the designated level in a circuit e.g. well above 240V in a domestic mains installation. Although most electrical appliances can withstand some surge activity, repeated surges, or even a single high-energy surge, can cause damage ranging from intermittent operation to total destruction.