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The Importance of a Fire Escape Plan

The Importance of a Fire Escape Plan | Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast | Tedford Air and Electrical

You’ve had fire evacuation plans at work or school, but do you have a fire escape plan at home? If the answer is no, then you may want to reconsider. A well thought out fire evacuation plan can mean the difference between survival and catastrophe. If you want to create a fire escape plan for your family, then here are a few tips from the team at Tedford Air and Electrical.

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5 Reasons to Call in Your Electrician

The electrical components in your house sometimes give you tell-tale signs that they are struggling, and other times they just stop working, leaving you in the dark with your favourite ice cream slowly defrosting. To help you decide when it’s time to call your electrician, we’ve come up with a list of common scenarios that will require expert help.

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Tips to Keep Your Electricity Bills to a Minimum

Most of us rely on electricity to get through the day, whether its to take a hot shower in the morning, to boil the kettle for that first cup of coffee or to run the air conditioner at work so you don’t sweat throughout the day. You might be shocked to find that little changes can make a big difference to your electricity bill. Our electricians have come up with a few suggestions to keep your electricity bills to a minimum.

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