5 Types of Outdoor Lighting and How They Can Transform Your Yard

Outdoor lighting is a great way to illuminate or accentuate features of your yard. To help you choose the right outdoor lighting for your home, our electricians have created a list of the most popular lighting choices and how they can transform your yard.

Path lighting

Walkways and paths can be transformed from a functional addition, to an illuminated feature with the right path lighting. With hundreds of styles, and tonnes of light colours to choose from, you can customise your path lighting according to your personality.


Downlighting is when a light is placed in an elevated location and pointed downward to highlight large surface areas. With a range of hues to choose from, you can mimic the natural glow of the moonlight.


A great addition to patios, decks, pools, porches and patios, lanterns come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours. You can by them in strings or purchase post lanterns to adorn walkways (this is especially effective in Asian themes landscapes). With the right curation you can create anything from fun and quirky, to sophisticated and ambient.


Floodlights are a dramatic way to accentuate elements of your yard. Whether it’s a fountain, a large palm tree or an architectural masterpiece, floodlights can illuminate the very best of your yard, creating eye catching features.

Shadow lighting

This lighting style works by lighting a surface that appears in front of another object, projecting a shadow of the surface item into the object behind it. Whether you choose to highlight a wall, garage or a tree, you can play with the surface item and object to blur or sharpen the shadow.

Whatever lighting you choose, be sure to contact a qualified electrician. The team at Tedford Air & Electrical will ensure that all outdoor lighting is installed according to specifications and regulations. If you want to book an appointment with a Tedford electrician, call us today.

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