Clayton Tedford -Electrician - Gold Coast - Tedford Air & ElectricalClayton is a country lad, born and bred in Roma QLD and has 18 years experience as a local electrician. He has run his own family business for more than 10 years, servicing Northern NSW, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Clayton is a family man with a dedicated wife and two young children and takes pride in the quality of work he undertakes for his fellow residents. When you hire Clayton to work in your home, you can be sure the job will be done to the same high standards he would use in his own home. Another thing you will notice about Clayton is that he respects your time and your home and is always punctual.  Plus, he won’t leave you with the mess his work creates!


ARC - Electrician - Gold Coast - Tedford Air & ElectricalClayton holds a current Refrigerant Handling Licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (Refrigerant Handling Lic. L039939)



Do You Value Experience, Honesty and Reliability in your Electrician?

If you value experience, honesty, and reliability in an electrician, you’ve come to the right place. Tedford Air & Electrical is family owned electrician business, that has been servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW for more than a decade. Owner and operator Clayton prides himself on excellent service, respecting his client’s time and their home.

Clayton Offers a Wide Range of Gold Coast Services

Clayton’s main aim is to help his local community get the most of out of their electricity. He does this by offering a range of electrician services, and advice on how to make your home’s electricity environmentally friendly and safe.

ARC - Electrician - Gold Coast - Tedford Air & Electrical

Tedford Air & Electrical is Certified to Service Your Air Conditioning Systems

As well as offering a range of electrician services, Clayton is also certified and qualified to carry out services on your ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning.

We’re Looking Forward to Working with You

If you’re looking for an electrician, we’d love to work with you. Our range of services is extensive, and even if it’s not a service listed on our site, call us! It’s more than likely we’ll be able to help!
What type of electrical problems can Tedford Air & Electrical help you with?

Extra Power Points 

Many new homes don’t have enough power points. Clayton can easily change single power points into double ones and add extra points where required.

Safety Switches & Surge Protectors

Is your home protected with a safety switch and a surge arrestor? A safety switch can save lives in the event of accidental contact with a live wire. All new homes are now legally required to have a safety switch for both power and lighting. A surge arrestor will protect the wiring and equipment in your home from unexpected voltage spikes. Spikes can damage power outlets, lighting and any equipment plugged into the system including fridges, stoves, computers, televisions and stereos. Surge arrestors act as a fail safe.

Installing a Pool Tariff

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save money on your power bill at home is by switching your hot water system and pool pump to an off peak tariff. This benefits both the environment and your budget.

In Queensland, the off peak – Tariff 33 – electricity charge is only about half of your regular electricity charge.

Clayton can now install a power point connected to Tariff 33 specifically for pool filtration and sanitation systems.

The change will enable you to help address the issue of peak demand while reducing your pool related electricity costs.

To see a complete list of the services we provide please see Electrical Services and Air Conditioning Services.

Call Clayton to book an appointment for a free quote at 0434 111 856 or contact us.